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The Italian-designed, Swiss-made watch
built with custom elements to last for generations

One Watch, Two Iconic Cultures,
Endless Possibilities

The Passo Watch is a timepiece that combines Italy’s trendsetting design with Switzerland’s renowned watch craftsmanship. With a completely custom design, stainless steel casing, and automatic movement mechanism, Passo elevates your style while delivering a watch that’s as uniquely built as you are.

This line of Passo Watches is designed by award-winning Italian designer Odoardo Fioravanti and carries no standard parts, unlike other luxury watch brands. This beautiful combination makes Passo Watches a one-of-a-kind accessory perfect to accentuate style, confidence, and status.


What Makes It So Unique?

DescrizioneImpeccableItalian DesignSwiss Movement& CraftsmanshipExclusiveCustom DesignAutomatic & HighQuality Movement DescrizioneImpeccable Italian DesignTotally Custom DesignSwiss Movement & CraftsmanshipAutomatic & High Quality Movement

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Passo Glacier will be available in 4 models

Verra - Passo Watch


Vedretta - Passo Watch


Seracco - Passo Watch


Gorner - Passo Watch